The Best Smartwatch for Business and Work?

I run my own company in a large office building. I love smartwatches for work. I own 20+ smartwatches. Read what I think is the best for business and work.

Man using smartwatch at work in office.I work for myself.

I used to work in the corporate world.

I’m familiar with the corporate world.

I’m also interested in gadgets to help in my business but are also fun.

As owner of over 20 smartwatches, I know which ones I like to wear for work, both for style and function.

2 considerations when choosing a smartwatch for business and work

1. Style: It should look the part.

2. Function: It needs to excel at functions that help with business.  For today’s smartwatches that means email, text notifications, calendars, phone and to a lesser extent maps (if you’re a business traveler).

The problem with declaring one smartwatch as best for any function is that there really are two parallel smartwatch ecosystems.

There’s Apple that operates on iOS.  Then there’s the others that operate best in the Android ecosystem (i.e. Samsung mobile devices and others).

The thing is while most non-iOS smartwatches work on iOS, they lack certain functionality on iOS that they have on Android Wear.

But if you’re looking for one single declaration, I’m going to say the Samsung Gear S3 Classic.  I love this smartwatch.

The design is amazing and very appropriate for office work environments.

Its functions are second-to-none.  It does everything you want it to do to help with work (real estate legal consultant in Mauritius).

Phone: You can answer calls and have conversations on the watch.

Email: The email integration and screen is far better than even the Apple Series 2.

Text notifications:  They come through to and you can reply (somewhat easily…it’s a small screen after all).

Calendar: Syncs with Google calendar very well.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic calendar

Maps: The GPS is just okay. Not nearly as good as Apple Series 2 watch whose mapping and GPS is awesome.  However, map capability isn’t all that important for strict business uses.

Video review:

Verdict: Samsung Gear S3 Classic is the best business smartwatch (it’s not close).

What about…?

What about Apple Series 2?

Okay, in my Apple Series 2 review I diss the design.  I still don’t like it much.  However, what’s interesting is you see this watch worn in the corporate environments all the time.  I see news anchors wearing them and basically see them everywhere.

The Apple S2 is a great all-around smartwatch because it offers solid “business features” as well as being a very solid fitness smartwatch.

Since its design is accepted in the workplace, it’s a viable option assuming your mobile device is an Apple phone.

What about Tag Heuer?

I splurged on the Tag Heuer smartwatch.

It’s awesome and is totally appropriate design-wise for the workplace.

However, it functions on Android Wear which I simply don’t like as much as Samsung’s Tizen or Apple’s iOS Watch OS.

What about Huawei or Fossil Smartwatches?

Again, gorgeous looking smartwatches.  They really are.  Perfect for the office.

However, they’re Android Wear and so I they get edged out by Samsung.

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