Most Popular Smartwatch Brands

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No doubt over the next few years more technology and traditional watch making companies will jump into the smartwatch market resulting in many more smartwatch brands available to us.

While there are naysayers who suggest smartwatches won’t ever be all that popular, I beg to differ.  I think they are already popular and will grow in popularity, especially once batteries last longer and they can perform more functions.

It’s not cheap for brands and companies to jump into the smartwatch industry; there’s a ton of research and development that goes into every watch.

Already there are many brands to choose from.  Each attempts to carve out its own niche; some do it better than others.

Here’s a convenient table listing out the most popular smartwatch brands today.  Yes, will continue updating it.

From the table you can link to various brand pages where you’ll find our reviews and comparisons that pertain to each brand.

My list of popular smartwatch brands


Apple Watch doesn’t need much of an introduction. Everyone knows about it and it’s often the first choice for Apple mobile phone users, which is a lot of people.

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I love Samsung smartwatches, especially the Gear S3 Classic and the Fit 2.  These are very popular for good reason.  My reviews cover them in great detail.

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fitbit is huge, especially with their fitness trackers, but recently they rolled out some smartwatches.  They’re not as feature rich, but I can totally see the appeal because they are comfortable and the fitness app is good.

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ASUS offers great smartwatches at lower prices.  If on a budget but want a smartwatch, check out ASUS options.  Runs on Android Wear.

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Garmin focuses on the adventure and fitness crowd.  Their watches are extremely feature rich and often the preferred brand for serious athletes.

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Sony’s offerings are decent.  Not my favorite, but not bad.  They’ll need to up their game with future models if they wish to compete with the likes of Apple, Samsung and Garmin.

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Fossil serves the crowd looking for a stylish smartwatch. On that aim, they deliver big time.  I love their designs and enjoy wearing their watches at work and when going out.  Runs on Android Wear.

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Huawei doesn’t have a lot of models, but arguably their smartwatch is the most beautiful of any on the market.  Runs on Android Wear.

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Motorola offers a decent all-around smartwatch but like Sony, they’re due for a massive update.  Runs on Android Wear.

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Tag Heuer

If you want a luxury smartwatch, Tag Heuer is your watch.  I own one and love it.  It’s not perfect, but it looks great and it comes with the cache of the Tag Heuer brand.  It runs on Android Wear software.

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Nixon makes smartwatches targeted to skiers, snowboarders and surfers.  It’s a rugged design and fairly sturdy.  It runs on Android Wear.

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Polar makes smartwatches for the fitness crowd.  They directly compete with fitbit with many models of smartwatches and fitness trackers.

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Michael Kors

Make a statement with a Michael Kors watch.  These are stylish and some models are unique in design and can make a big impact.

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Android Wear

Okay, Android Wear isn’t a smartwatch brand, but in a way it is because it’s a huge segment of the smartwatch market since many smartwatch makers piggy back on this operating system.  If it weren’t for Android Wear licensing out to watch makers, there would be far fewer models available.  It’s good, but I prefer Apple and Samsung.  That said, I like the style options with Fossil, Michael Kors and Tag Heuer.

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