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fitbit is wildly popular.  Their main offerings are fitness chargers, but in recent years they’ve jumped into the smartwatch market as well with the Blaze.

In fact, the line between smartwatches and fitness trackers is getting blurred.

Investing big into smartwatches

With the purchase of Pebble, one of the original smartwatch makers, fitbit is definitely seeking to grow its smartwatch market share.

fitbit offers a wide variety of fitness trackers and a few smartwatches.  Part of its popularity is the app and the fact they were one of the first companies to offer smart fitness gadgets.

fitbit’s smartwatches work well on Apple iOS as well as Android devices.  The fitbit health app is pretty good and syncs with many other third party health apps.

Overall, I think fitbit is a terrific marketing company.  They have big time brand recognition.  Their focus is fitness, but the Blaze smartwatch is a nice design that can easily be worn outside of the gym.

If you’re looking for a fitness smartwatch, fitbit is one company to consider.

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