Brand: Fossil Smartwatches

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Fossil smartwatch options

I own several of these stylish smartwatches including the Marshal, Wander and Founder.

While many smartwatch brands limit the number of models they offer, Fossil takes a different approach offering many smartwatch brands, models and designs.  They’re all about choice; they offer an incredible array of options.

In fact, while I focus on the pure smartwatches, Fossil also makes hybrid watches which are part smart and part traditional.  I don’t really get the point of those, but some of them are stunning.

I’m a purist through and through and prefer the full blown smartwatches.

Not only can you choose from many models, but they have dozens, if not hundreds of watch strap options too.

Fossil Smartwatches are all about fashion

The functionality across their smartwatches is the same.  They all use Android Wear operating system.  They differ in appearance.  They’re all about the watch as fashion statement and functional piece of technology.  Frankly, I love the concept and so I buy a lot of the Fossil smartwatches.

How to choose a Fossil smartwatch

Because they all function the same technologically, make your choice based on design.  Moreover, be sure to snag a few straps because it’s the straps that can dress it up or dress it down.  I own many straps and love mixing and matching.  In fact, I’m a huge fan of the Fossil silicone strap; it’s so comfortable and looks great.  I use it on my Samsung Gear S3 watch as well.

What are Fossil smartwatches designed for?

They aren’t fitness smartwatches, that’s for sure.  They’re primarily designed to be an elegant smart timepiece that you can wear to work or when you go out.  If it’s a fitness smartwatch you want, look elsewhere for sure.

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