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Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch

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My first smartphone was a Samsung.  I thought it was amazing having graduated from some antiquated flip phone to a smartphone.

I liked Samsung immediately and still do.  While I also have an iPhone, I still use the Samsung as well.  Given I publish this site, it’s imperative I have both brands.

I can totally see why Samsung smartwatches are popular.  They’re really good.  Groundbreaking in many ways with the rotating bezel, app selection, Spotify integration (which is brilliant) massive array of features, crisp graphics and fast interface.

Overall, Samsung smartwatches are my favorite (the Gear S3 Frontier being an exception for one major shortcoming).

Amazing Smartwatches

In my view, if you own a Samsung smartphone, you’ll be delighted with the Gear S3 Classic for everyday wear and the Gear Fit 2 for fitness.  Together, they pretty much cover all the bases for smartwatch needs and are a real pleasure to use, look great and are comfortable.

Because I’m such  a Samsung smartwatch fan, I cover their smartwatch offerings extensively with in-depth reviews, video reviews and tutorials.

What’s next?

I can’t wait to see what Samsung rolls out next.  Their upgrades to date have been awesome and so it will be very exciting to see what future offerings will offer in design and features.

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