11 Different Types of Selfie Sticks

A man taking selfie using various gadgets on selfie sticks.

Back in the day, when you wanted to take a picture with a group of friends or family members (even with a smartphone on hand) you needed to ask a stranger to do it for you. Beyond the fact that it’s a hassle to find a stranger to take the photo, you could potentially risk … Read more

Where to Buy Used Laptops Online

This is a close look at a laptop in a comfortable home office.

It might be time for you to start looking into buying a new laptop. Laptops, unfortunately, can be extremely expensive, making them something that not everyone can just get up and buy. Used laptops, on the other hand, make a great option for those looking for a new (to them) laptop, but don’t want to … Read more

How to Pair Wireless Earbuds Together

A woman jogging at beach while using wireless earbuds.

Wireless earbuds and headphones are everywhere these days. From Apple’s popular AirPods and Beats PowerBeats to a variety of imitators from other brands, the future of listening to music — and performing a myriad of other hands-free tasks that involve audio — is looking wire-free. In fact, many phones and laptops these days don’t even … Read more

What is The Difference Between Wifi & Bluetooth?

A close look at a mobile phone trying to pair with the car's system.

If you regularly use your laptop, smartphone, desktop, or any other modern device (and, who doesn’t these days?) then you’ve likely seen the symbols for Bluetooth and WiFi countless times. While both may seem simple to comprehend, they’re actually quite complex and have a few key differences that we think are important to explore. This … Read more

Where to Buy Used iPads Online (Killer List)

A close look at a woman using an iPad Air2 tablet.

iPads are incredibly useful, fun devices that can help you stay connected with friends, play games, and work efficiently. They also let you connect with other Apple devices, like the Apple Watch. But they’re also expensive to buy brand new! That’s why buying a used iPad is an excellent option. When you buy used, it’s … Read more

The 5 Most Expensive Wireless Headphones: Ultimate Auditory Clarity

Good headphones can be a major investment. If you include the specification that the headphones need to be wireless, the price goes up even further. The 5 most expensive wireless headphones, however, actually have a great variety in price tag depending on your needs. While most wireless headphones tend to be in-ear style, often the … Read more

What Is Bluetooth and How Does It Work? Ultimate Bluetooth Guide

These days you can’t read about tech or walk past the newest gadget without hearing or seeing the words Bluetooth enabled. If you are over a certain age, you remember the jokes about not knowing if someone was talking to themselves or using the hands-free device that used the new Bluetooth technology. Since those early … Read more

9 Different Types of Website Hosting

Web hosting services first became available in 1991. Back then, you needed to own a server in order to host a site. Things rapidly changed from 1991 to 2008 as web hosting became increasingly accessible and cheap. Just about anyone can build a site in minutes and even sign up with free web hosts. Samples … Read more

15 Things to Know Before Setting Up Apple Pay

About a week ago I was sitting around checking out apps on my Apple Watch.  I saw the Wallet app and opened it.  It said I hadn’t set it up yet. Mmmmh, I figured I should try this Apple Wallet or Pay thing and see what it’s all about. I quickly realized I needed to … Read more

45 of the Best Online Camera Stores for the Perfect Pics

Camera, lenses and other photography equipments.

The concept of photography started as early as 5th century B.C.E. while the first camera was invented in the 11th century by an Iraqi scientist and called it camera obscura. It wasn’t portable, didn’t record images but merely projected images and the images appeared upside down. The first permanent image captured by a portable camera … Read more

8 Types of Tablet Cases for Kids, Protection, and Convenience

Whether you have an Amazon Fire, iPad, Kindle reader or any other tablet, a case or cover can provide protection to your investment. Buying a case or cover might seem like a secondary task but it is actually an important accessory for your device. There are numerous types of tablet covers available in the market … Read more