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Smartwatches: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to our smartwatch section where we publish reviews, comparisons, best-of articles, brand info and smartwatch app information.

Despite what some articles say, smartwatches are growing in popularity and I suspect they will continue to do so.

Here’s are links to jump to our key sections.

Smartwatch Reviews

Laptop that says online reviews.

I buy and test every watch reviewed.  Yes, it’s costly, but I love these wearable gadgets and enjoy wearing different ones each week.

I also like taking photos of features and functionality and sharing my findings online.

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Smartwatch Comparisons

Smartwatch comparison photo.

Once I publish reviews, which I do after extensively testing and using each smartwatch, I write separate articles that succinctly compare one to three different models.

These articles are helpful when you’ve narrowed your choice to one, two or three models.  Since I’ve personally used many of these wearable gadgets, I can shed light on the nuanced differences.

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Buying Guide

Smartwatch buying guide

I own over 20 smartwatches and have used all of them extensively.  I know a thing or two about the features, designs and what to look for in the right model for you.

After hundreds of hours of testing, I put together this extensive buying.

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Smartwatch Brands

Smartwatch Brands

You can navigate our site by smartwatch brand, of which there are quite a few and is growing every year.

Tech companies and traditional watch making companies alike are jumping into this massive and growing market.

I briefly list out and explain each smartwatch brand via the link below.  From the brands page you can click through to each individual brand on our site which includes all articles, reviews, comparisons and posts pertaining to that brand.

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Best Smartwatches (by Category)

Best smartwatches by category

My best smartwatches section takes the reviews and comparisons one step further by giving opinions as to what I think are the best smartwatches for various categories such as for business, fitness, running, etc.  It’s a growing section because there are always new models coming out, some of which are designed for very specific uses.

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Smartwatch Apps

Smartwatch apps

One way to make your smartwatch even better is via apps.  There are thousands of them.  Some good, some bad. Some free. Some expensive.  Frankly, I enjoy browsing and trying them out, keeping only the good ones always mindful that I’m using up resources so I am judicious.

I publish articles, app reviews and tutorials based on my use and testing.

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Access all smartwatch articles

Below is a list of all our smartwatch articles if you prefer browsing the entire site.  I add to this list all the time doing my best to stay current and ensuring I cover the latest models and current technology.