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Welcome to the portal that covers smartwatch apps.

While most smartwatches come with a great feature set, by downloading and installing smartwatch apps, you can add some pretty cool feature including new watch faces, calculators, keyboards, to-do lists, internet browsers, etc.

In fact, as smartwatches grow in popularity, so too will apps; in fact many new apps are released every week for smartwatches which is pretty cool.

Admittedly, some are better than others.  Some are terrible while some are amazing.  Some are free while some cost money … but watch out for those monthly recurring subscription apps.  They can add up and in my view the app must be absolutely amazing or really important for a fitness pursuit or business feature.

As I play around with my growing fleet of smartwatches, I continually seek out and try different apps and then report on them here.

Browse my smartwatch app articles, tutorials and reviews below.