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Best Smartwatches By Category

This best smartwatches series is the culmination of my smartwatch expertise and the fact that I own more than twenty of them and have used all of them extensively comes together.

One can’t proclaim that any product is the best unless they’ve used and tested many within the product line.

The best of any product or anything for that matter is based in relation to other similar products.  Moreover, there is typically not single best of anything.  The best option depends one one’s intended use, budget and features sought.

For example, the person who wants a stylish smartwatch for work is not going to agree on which is the best with the person who wants one for running.

Stylish vs. running smartwatches are very, very different in appearance, design and function.

And that’s why this page doesn’t proclaim any one best option, but instead offers a series of articles where I explain what I think is the best based on purpose and budget.

It’s my opinion

Please keep in mind when researching smartwatches, that what I think is the best is my opinion.  I strive to be as objective as possible, but my personal opinion and biases are infused into my conclusion.

I do my best to explain why I think a particular product is the best, but at the end of the day, you’ll have to decide which is best for you.  I believe articles such as the ones I publish are helpful, given I’ve used and tested many smartwatches.

In fact, I buy plenty of products based on what other people say about them.  I first look to ensure that they’ve used several or many of the products in the product line and then look for their conclusion.  In many cases, that’s good enough for me and I’ve been very happy with many purchases.


I try to get my hands on the latest and greatest each month and then I spend time using and testing them.  However, I don’t buy and test every smartwatch on the market.  Maybe one day I’ll have time for that, but for now I probably cover 60 to 70% of the more popular options.

To that end, my “best of” conclusions will change from year to year as new models are released.  What I think is best for any smartwatch category this year may very likely change next year.  Of course, if you buy one this year, you know, as the case is for all technology, that your new purchase will be old news within a couple of months.

I hope my articles and reviews and comparisons help you with your purchase decision.