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In-Depth Smartwatch Reviews

Welcome to our smartwatch reviews where I publish my opinion on a wide variety of these high-tech timepieces based on our use of them.

I don’t just read about this wearable technology and write about it, I use it all.  I buy these watches, set them up and wear them for weeks and then write a review.

Navigating this site

My most recent reviews are set out in the grid above.  Below you’ll find my other reviews displayed in the order in which they were published.  While it seems there are a lot of smartwatches, there really isn’t all that many so finding a specific review isn’t all that difficult.  Just scroll the pages.

Do I review every smartwatch?

I don’t review every smartwatch, but I cover a lot of them and plan on buying many more as new models are released.  However, and I don’t write about older models that have been replaced with new versions.  I focus on newly released smartwatches which will be the most recent.

Why smartwatches?

I love this technology and while I understand it’s not for everyone, I dig tech gadgets, especially this type of gadget because it not only is a fashion statement, but it offers practical functionality.

I know some people think they’re not very practical, but I beg to differ.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been notified of an important text message I would have missed had it not been for the watch on my hand.  Same thing with phone calls and email messages.

Yes, you might find it annoying to have all this on your wrist, but I find it convenient.  I don’t need to whip out my phone much; my smartwatch tells me everything I need to know and significantly reducing how often I need to open up my mobile phone.

About my smartwatch reviews

My process is as follows:

I buy the watch and set it up.

I wear it for a few days or a few weeks.

I use it at the gym, walking and any other activities I normally do.

I obviously check out the design which for me is important.

Once familiar with it, I create the video; sometimes I do it; other times I get help with professional videographers.

I take photos of the various screens and hardware.

After all that I write the review including as much detail as possible while at the same time doing my best to be succinct so that you get all the info you need to make a smartwatch buying decision.  I also state my opinion, but please keep in mind it’s my opinion, especially my comments about the design.

Enjoy my reviews.  I hope you find them helpful.