Editorial Policy

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The focus of WhatchaWearing.com is to inform the public about smart technology and help with buying decisions, specifically wearable technology such as smartwatches, activity trackers and other wearable tech.

In order to do this well, it’s our policy that every review is based on our actual use and testing of each product.

We actually use and test every product that is reviewed always looking for the pros and cons.

While our product testers have personal preferences, we do our best not to let our preferences get in the way of providing objective information and opinions about the products reviewed.  Moreover, we believe that there isn’t necessarily one product for all people in any particular product line.  To that end we include the strengths and weaknesses (i.e. pros and cons) of each product along with which type of user a product is ideally suited for.

How the site earns revenue

While we strive to publish objective reviews and buying guides, this website does earn money.  It earns money in the following ways:

  1. Display ads:  On some or all of the pages, this site displays ads from advertisers.  The ads do not mean we specifically recommend those products.
  2. Affiliate commissions:  Please assume that links from this website to product merchants and online stores are affiliate links.  What this means is if you click a link and then purchase something we may earn a referral commission.  The commission does not increase the price to you.  It’s a fee paid to us by the retailer, merchant and/or brand from the price you pay.
  3. Sponsored posts:  Once in a while we may feature content provided to us by third parties.  This content will not be our opinion; instead its a sponsored post.  We will clearly label this content as sponsored content.

We do not let potential remuneration impact our editorial opinions about products.  For example, we won’t rate a particular product higher because we have an affiliate arrangement with the merchant or brand or because that third party has paid us to publish a sponsored post.