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We consider our reviews to be the backbone of our website.  We invest many hours into each review not to mention a great deal of money (buying the watches).

Moreover, our published reviews are dynamic content in that our smartwatch rankings will adjust from time-to-time as will our reviews.  As new smartwatches hit the market and since our rankings and ratings are arrived at in part relative to competing products in the market, ratings and review scores will change over time.

Also, we're avid smartwatch wearers which means we wear and test every day.  Over time we discover nuanced features, problems, tricks and so on with the watches which may prompt us to revise our reviews and ratings.​

Our aim is to ensure our reviews are helpful, detailed and accurate so that they help you buy the perfect smartwatch for your wants and needs.  Please keep in mind that the information on our site is largely opinion/editorial, but we do think given our extensive experience with smartwatches and the fact we've bought, worn and tested so many that we're smartwatch experts and therefore our views, ratings and commentary is insightful and helpful.

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Short-Version Reviews:

Nixon "The Mission" Smartwatch Review (2017)

Conceptually, this is a great watch.

It almost succeeds entirely with it's features and functions for skiers and surfers.

It's also incredibly durable and built super tough.

It's ​major downfall is its short battery life, which runs the risk of running out of steam before the end of a long day on the slopes or in the water.

That said, it's still our pick for best watch for surfing and for skiing.​

Fossil Q Smartwatch Review (2017)

Not a perfect smartwatch, but many models are beautifully designed.

Fossil Q watches are for those of you more concerned with having a stylish smartwatch than one with superlative functionality.

Don't get us wrong, these watches are indeed smartwatches and work well with Android Wear, but they don't offer anything special except gorgeous style... so much so that we rated these watches as our best design.

Our review covers all the Fossil Q smartwatches because the only difference among them is aesthetic design.  Functionality is the same across all their smartwatch models (Marshal, Wander and Founder).​

Fitbit Blaze Review (2017)

I was very excited about this smartwatch.

It's lightweight, durable, looks good and is comfortable when working out.

After a bit of trouble getting it paired to my mobile phones (iOS and Android), it was super easy to figure out and start using.

The heart rate monitor on this watch is noteworthy. It's accurate and still gives accurate readings when moving around a lot.

Another notable feature is the 4 to 5 days of battery life per charge.  This is very rare for a smartwatch.

However, this is a very simple smartwatch and doesn't offer a lot of the usual smartwatch functions.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic Review (2017)

I love the Samsung Gear S3 Classic smartwatch.

We rated it so high because it's nearly the perfect smartwatch relative to what's available these days.

The Samsung Gear app is a joy to use.

The accompanying health app called S Health is really good.  The one downside is it doesn't sync with Google Fit... but I'm optimistic future versions will.

This is my go-to everyday and health smartwatch because it looks great, it's FAST, has amazing navigation features and is simply a joy to use.​

ASUS ZenWatch 3 Review (2017)

The ASUS ZenWatch 3 is both stylish and has great functionality.

It operates on the Android Wear operating system which is decent.

This watch also has its own health app called ZenHealth, which is pretty good.

This is more of an everyday wear watch; it looks good and syncs well with Google products since it uses Android Wear.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with this watch, but it's not my first choice for design, work or working out.  Nevertheless, it's a solid contender against other everyday wear smartwatches such as Fossil Q and Samsung Gear S3 Classic.

One very nice feature is you can get a 60% charge in 15 minutes.  This can be a lifesaver.​

TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch Review (2017)

What I love about this watch is the amazing watch face designs that come with the Connected app and how comfortable it is.

Yes, it's a fairly large smartwatch, but it's very lightweight and comfortable.  The rubber strap has a sliding clasp so you can get the perfect strap adjustment.

What I didn't care for much was that it's pretty slow because it uses Android Wear operating system.

Also, the battery isn't terribly long (considering it cost $1,500).

Overall, it's for the watch lover who likes prestigious watches... TAG Heuer is definitely a luxiry brand.

Fossil Q Founder 2.0 Smartwatch Review

I'm a fan of the Founder 2.0 watch although I like the Fossil Wander more (but prefer the Founder over Marshal).

The Founder 2.0 is for anyone who wants a nicely designed smartwatch for everyday use.  It's not a fitness smartwatch. It's not an outdoor adventure smartwatch.

What it is, and I think does it reasonably well, is give you a smartwatch that looks good.

The Founder has the smooth bezel which distinguishes it from the Marshal.

You can swap out straps from Fossil and it's easy to do with the awesome quick-release watch bands.

As an Android Wear watch you get plenty of apps.  The Fossil Q app provides an eclectic selection of custom watch faces.

While not my favorite smartwatch, this is a solid option for everyday wear.  If you like the design, I can tell you relative to a lot of smartwatches, the price isn't bad.

But, I have my complaints too (no shortage of them), which you can read in our full review.

Fossil Q Marshal Review

The Marshal was my first Fossil Q smartwatch.

When I bought it I had no idea Fossil had 3 smartwatch lines with several designs in each line.  I bought the Marshal at Best Buy which only had one or two designs on display and in inventory.

However, I got really lucky because the one Best Buy had was the smoke stainless steel which turned out to be a color and design I really like... not quite as much as the Wander or Founder, but it is my favorite Marshal.

The Marshal is a rugged watch; the most masculine of the Fossil Q smartwatches.  It's large, heavy and sturdy.  It's a man's watch.  It's nice enough for the office and going out but it's not a super elegant watch.

It's also not an ideal watch for the gym even though you can track your workouts with 3rd party workout tracking apps.  I just don't want to wear such a large and heavy watch in the gym when there are so many great gym watches.

That said, Fossil didn't design Marshal for the gym; it's designed as a fashionable smartwatch and for that purpose it does well.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

You'd think the Frontier would garner the same ratings as the Gear S3 Classic, but it doesn't.

You see, the Frontier is a smartwatch designed for a specific purpose (in my view) and also in my view it fails at that purpose.

Accordingly, we rate the Frontier quite a bit lower than the Classic.

Don't get me wrong, in many ways the Frontier is an outstanding smartwatch... after all, other than design, it's identical to the Classic (which we score very, very high).

Nevertheless, I just wish Samsung had added on more feature to the Frontier which would have made it a truly outstanding smartwatch for its main overall purpose.  Read our in-depth review to learn more.

Apple Watch Series 2 Review

As a smartwatch, the Apple S2 works fabulously.  It's a great smartwatch.

Where it stumbles is the design.  It's more fitness watch than not.  It also has the technology and capability of being a terrific outdoor watch (GPS and waterproof), yet it doesn't look the part.

And then it offers productivity tools such as email, text massaging, calendar (the usual smartwatch goodies), yet it's not really elegant enough for a formal office or any formal attire event.

Where does it leave it?

That's a good question, a question to which I have no answer.

All I can say is it's a great smartwatch, but when and where you'll want to actually where may very well be up in the air.​

Fossil Q Wander Review

Now here's one of the most elegant smartwatches available.  It's the stunning Fossil Q Wander.

Check out the way the strap attaches to the watch case.  That's a key distinguishing feature from the Fossil Q Marshal and Founder models.

The steel band is my favorite Wander band.  It has smaller links than the Marshal and Founder making for a more comfortable fit.

This watch operates with Android Wear software, which is just okay.  I prefer Samsung's Tizen operating system and Apple's OS operating system but Android Wear has not had the advantage of an update which is supposedly happen soon, which may catapult it as my favorite... time will tell.

The Wander is for someone who primarily wants a nice looking smartwatch with smartwatch capabilities.  It's obviously not a fitness smartwatch and so it lacks many fitness features you may want but that's okay because this is not the watch I wear running or to the gym.

If you like the look, this is a worthy watch at a reasonable smartwatch price.

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