Best Smartwatches for Text Messaging Communication

If you're looking for smartwatches that can receive and send text messages, this list is for you. We've tested dozens of leading smartwatches and list out only those that receive and send text messages. Check this list out here.

Smartwatches with text messaging feature

One of my favorite features and biggest reasons for wearing smartwatches is the text messaging feature.

I typically score smartwatches higher that have well-functioning text messaging capability.

Fortunately, most smartwatches these days do offer inbound and outbound texting, but not all.

Why do I like the text notification feature so much?

Because it saves me the hassle of having to reach and open my phone.  It’s a quick filtering convenience… I don’t miss important messages and I can choose whether to reply or hold off yet am always kept in the loop.

I totally understand that this feature isn’t a top priority for everyone, but I suspect once you have a smartwatch with it, you’ll love it and won’t look back.  I can tell you it was an unexpected benefit for me.

We’ve tested dozens of smartwatches and put together this list of smartwatches that actually work well receiving and sending texts.

Here’s the list of smartwatches with text messaging capability:

Apple Watch Series 5

Here's how the text messages present in the Apple Watch Series 5

The text messaging capability is amazing.  The texts arrive in real-time.  Reply options are great with the canned responses, emojis or the draw-a-letter screen for custom responses.  Also, you can put the text message icon alerting you of new messages on the home screen.

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle keyboard replying to message

Yes, you can receive text messages and reply on the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle smartwatch.

One of the most beautiful things about a Wear OS watch such as the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is the text input options. When you get a text message notification, you can reply to them on an Android phone. You have a choice of using Google Assistant’s superior speech-to-text system or you could also use the keyboard.

The keyboard is tiny on the 1.28 inch screen where a finger can cover multiple keys at once, but accuracy is quite good. Paired with the ability to swipe to type, and Google’s excellent word prediction, you will be fine texting one liners. Anything more gets quite vexatious especially if you have to go back and edit a word.

TicWatch Pro

Ticwatch Pro texting

The TicWatch Pro receives and sends text messages and does so quite well.

The keyboard is quite good or you can craft messages via voice-to-text which is fairly accurate with Google Assistant (as in “Ok Google”).

Fossil Sport Smartwatch

Yes, the Fossil Sport receives and notifies you of text messages.

Replying to messages is quite easy too. Because this smartwatch uses Google’s speech-to-text transcriber, your messages are generally accurate. Otherwise, you can use the canned responses or type using the keyboard. Despite the screen being very small for a QWERTY keyboard, it’s oddly easy and accurate to type short messages. You can even slide your finger around to create words. The ease of inputting text was something I did not expect and deeply appreciate.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2

Text messaging app on Samsung Galaxy Active2 Smartwatch

Text massaging on the Samsgung Galaxy Active2 is pretty much flawless.

It accurately alerts you to new messages.

Responding is easy via typing, voice or pre-loaded responses.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch with sold text messaging, Samsung Galaxy delivers.

Huawei Smartwatch

The Huawei smartwatch, which operates on Wear OS, does indeed receive and send text messages.

The superb Google Assistant voice recognition makes it easy to verbally respond to texts. You can also use “OK Google” voice commands. You can’t reply to messages using your voice, but you can dictate an email in Gmail, for example. Still, although the Apple Watch gives you better access to apps and functionality, it’s just not as beautiful.

If it’s elegant you want that also serves up solid text messaging capabilities, the Huawei smartwatch is a viable option.

TAG Heuer Connected

For $2K Canadian this watch better receive and send texts.  I assure you it does and actually does a good job primarily because it uses the Wear OS operating system.

I have a soft spot for my TAG smartwatch because it looks cool, is very comfortable, durable (as in it can take a decent beating and has) and delivers all the goodies available via Wear OS.

So, if you have your heart set on the TAG smartwatch but you require texting capability, this watch will do it.

Is the texting capability as good as Apple?  Nope.  The texting interface and ease-of-use and clarity on the Apple Watch 5 is unsurpassed.

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