How To Sync Samsung’s S Health With Google Fit

Do you have both a Samsung Gear smartwatch and Android Wear smartwatch? If so, learn how to sync S Health with Google Fit to store health data in one place.
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Sync S Health to Google Fit Image

One of my favorite smartwatches for work and everyday use is my Samsung Gear S3 Classic watch.

But, my favorite smartwatch for the gym is the Moto 360.

Here's my dilemma and it's likely you have the same or similar problem.

Samsung Gear S3 uses the S Health app.  Moto 360 works with Google Fit (as well as Moto Body, but that's irrelevant).

While my workout tracking is important, I also like to track health metrics such as steps and heart rate outside of the gym.

With 2 distinct health apps (one in the gym being Google Fit and one outside of the gym being S Health), I end up with 2 sets of data, which is kind of useless.

The simple solution is the ability to sync S Health with Google Fit.

Fortunately, there's an app that does this.  It's the Sync Health app.

Sync S Health with Google Fit with the Sync Health app.  This is a super simple app that syncs S Health data with Google Fit.  

Sync Health App Set Up & Cost


Is Sync Health Free?  

No.  It costs $.99 every six months (you can try it for free for 7 days).  I'm loathe to subscribe to anything, but in this case it's worth it because I wear my Gear S3 and Android Wear watches interchangeably and so it's important that all of my health data be aggregated in one place.  

FYI, I decided to have Google Fit data go to my S Health app.  You can choose either direction.  I just happen to like the user interface of the S Health app more than Google Fit.​

Sync Health App Set Up Guide

You start by installing Sync Health from Google Play.

Start by installing and then opening the Sync Health App.

Below depicts the metrics that are shared/synced.  Below are a series of screenshots with informational pop-ups.  Those are opened from tapping the black question marks.

Upon the app opening, you will be given a series of set up prompts.  

When you click the triple dot menu icon at top right, select settings.  Then click "Number of syncs per hour" to change this setting.

Once Installed and Set Up...

Once installed and set up, here are the basic screens including information about what can and can't be synced (as you can see, it's a very simple app).

This pop up arises by tapping the green arrow between S Health and Google Fit icons.

The remaining pop ups arise when you tap the small black question marks next to the list of synced data.

Why Don't I use the Moto Body App?

While I think the Moto 360 is the best fitness smartwatch and the Moto Body app is quite good, the fact of the matter is I have several Android Wear watches that I wear on different days and for different events (although I wear my Gear S3 the most).  What I like about Google Fit is it's a health app that works on all Android Wear watches.  This way it doesn't matter which watch I wear, my health data will be stored into Google Fit.

And now that I have the Health Sync app, all that Google Fit data will sync with my S Health app (and vice versa if I decide to migrate S Health data to Google Fit).​

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