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Illustration showcasing many Android Wear Smartwatches

You gotta hand it to Google for coming up with their Android operating system software for smartphones and then Android Wear for smartwatches.  While these operating systems make it cost-effective for many tech and traditional watch companies to jump into smartwatches, it gives google access to millions of mobile phones and smartwatches which is what Google wants.

If it weren’t for Android Wear, there would be far fewer smartwatches on the market.  For example, Fossil, Tag Heueur and Michael Kors would not have smartwatches unless they were able to bootstrap some other smartwatch operating system.  Perhaps Tizen (used by Samsung), but I doubt Apple would license its software.  Apple iOS isn’t know to grant licenses, but then Apple’s business model is totally different than Google’s business model.

In fact, the lion’s share of smartwatches use Android Wear and so this Android Wear smartwatch reviews section is big and growing fast.  I own a lot of smartwatches powered by this operating system.

Overall, Android Wear is decent software.  In fact, it really dictates the capabilities of the smartwatches and really does make all of them function very similarly.

The only real difference among Android Wear smartwatches is the design, size, weight, feel and watch faces.  With respect to the technical side, they’re pretty much the same.

Should you buy an Android Wear smartwatch?

Yes, because as far as I’m concerned, the most beautiful and stylish smartwatches use this operating system.  I’m talking about Huawei, Fossil, Michael Kors and Tag Heuer.  These are the cool watches you could wear for work or going out.  If smartwatch is your watch of choice, one Android Wear is a good idea unless you go with the Samsung Gear S3 Classic, which is a nice-looking option that works on Tizen (for Samsung mobile phones).

Below you can browse through all of my Android Wear smartwatch reviews, comparisons, app articles and tutorials.  Because I own all of these, I’m able to provide loads of photos and in most cases a video review.  I hope my write-ups help you buy the perfect watch for you.

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