Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 (City Watch vs Outdoors Watch)

The Ticwatch C2 is an elegant city watch but if you need durability, then the Ticwatch S2 is your best option between the two.

Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 main screen

Miniaturization has really made my life much better.

I don’t miss the old days of CRT monitors. Nor do I miss the days of tumbler-sized cellphones.

But sometimes, not everyone enjoys having the most compact device out there. Think about how the most popular class of cars is the SUV, or how cellphones have gotten so big that the new iPhone SE is much bigger than the original SE.

The Ticwatch C2 feels like a miniaturized version of the Ticwatch S2, at least in terms of hardware. But does the miniaturization of the S2 make me like the C2 more?

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Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 thickness bezel


The exterior of the Ticwatch C2 looks more elegant than the Ticwatch S2, and logically so, given that they are trying to appeal to different markets.

Mobvoi’s website has webpages for both watches and they look distinctly different. The Ticwatch S2 has many hardcore sports enthusiasts doing activities such as mountaineering and surfing. Whereas the Ticwatch C2 is all about yoga, city life, shopping and glamour.

The design of the watches also shows this difference. The Ticwatch S2 comes with a silicone strap, a thick, black and plastic bezel and overall looks like a more substantive smartwatch. 

The Ticwatch C2 is more compact, with a stainless steel watch case with two rounded buttons and a leather strap. Unlike the Ticwatch S2, the C2 makes an effort to avoid rectangles and sharp changes in angles to give it a friendly and elegant look, a design point that is also seen in the Mini line of cars.

Winner: Ticwatch C2

Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 rear


Looks matter but if you’re going to be wearing this watch for a whole day, I think comfort matters too. 

I would not rate either watch to be comfortable. I’d rate them to be mostly tolerable.

In essence, the silicone strap of the Ticwatch S2 is good, but it is very thick and noticeable when you type on a keyboard. The C2’s leather strap looks very elegant, but it is very rigid and sticky, making it really noticeable and somewhat uncomfortable.

The Ticwatch C2 is lighter than the Ticwatch S2 and the C2 is a smaller watch than the S2. Normally, that makes the watch more comfortable, but I find that the leather strap really pulls its score down that I’d recommend the Ticwatch S2.

Given that the S2 also has a bigger screen that makes reading small text easier, I’d say the S2 has the upper hand despite its larger size.

Oh, and Mobvoi recommends that you swap the Ticwatch C2’s leather strap out before you use it underwater. The Ticwatch S2 is ready for underwater adventures out of the box.

Winner: Ticwatch S2

Wear OS

Both watches come with Google’s Wear OS operating system and that is really great.

Wear OS watches have a very capable suite of apps, functions and library of watch faces that make them very much more dynamic than its Fitbit or Samsung counterparts.

Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 ,messages reply

Texts and emails

One main reason why I really like the Wear OS is because of its ease of replying to messages and emails when paired to an Android smartphone.

If paired to an Apple iPhone, you will only be able to read messages and emails.

The Wear OS offers you many ways to reply to a message. The easiest way is to use a dynamically generated message. Wear OS will offer up some pre-composed replies generated based on the context of your message such as “Thank you!” or “Yes”.

If you want a custom message, then the speech-to-text function is excellent and efficient. Google’s accurate and reliable speech-to-text transcriber really works well for day-to-day messaging. It is mostly able to predict what you’re trying to say as long as the sound is clear and the words avoid jargon or street names.

If all else fails, you can also decide to hand write letters or use the 26-alphabet keyboard. At this point, it becomes very tempting to just use your smartphone instead.

Neither of these watches allow you to directly access your past emails or messages, which is fine because I have never found that to be a very useful feature when I used the Apple or Samsung smartwatch. If I wanted to do that, I’d go directly to my phone.

Winner: Tie

Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 apps


Both smartwatches come with the same apps.

Yes, exactly the same.

The good thing here is that the Ticwatch C2 and S2 have access to the Google suite of apps including Google Maps, Keep and Translate.

They also come with Mobvoi’s suite of health and workout apps, the TicHealth/TicPulse/TicExercise apps as well as Google’s equivalent, Google Fit, but more on that later in the sports section of the review.

You can also add more apps through the Google Play Store. The Play Store is one of the best app stores for smartwatches because it has a really large range of apps to choose from.

What I loved was that you could download apps for grocery lists, music and games. Having such breadth in app choices really enhances the usefulness of the smartwatch.

Winner: Tie

Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Both watches come with Google Assistant, which is a voice-activated assistant which can start timers, find directions and search for information among other capabilities.

I really like Google Assistant because it can accurately predict what you’re looking for and it can also help you do tedious tasks that would require many taps and scrolls such as starting a timer when you’re cooking pasta. It’s so much easier thanks to the advanced speech processing capabilities that Google has.

Winner: Tie


You might have noticed that these two watches are very similar software-wise. 

But one differentiating factor between the two is how the Ticwatch C2 has NFC capability while the Ticwatch S2 doesn’t.

This means you can only use Google Pay with the Ticwatch C2. It’s a great convenience to be able to tap your smartwatch when paying for purchases.

Winner: Ticwatch C2

Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 ticexercise google fit workout


Both watches have the capability of tracking your heart rate with its sensor on the underside of the watch and an integrated GPS to track your workouts without relying on a smartphone.

The integrated GPS on both watches are a bit lacklustre in that they take a few minutes before they can get a GPS lock, but definitely better than not having an integrated GPS, like the Fitbit Versa 2.

Be careful when using the integrated GPS, though, it’s a massive battery hog. On the Ticwatch C2, I lost about 40% of battery life after using it for 90 minutes.

The Ticwatch S2 also has a US Military Standard 810G rating which means the S2 is operational between -20ºC to 55ºC; resistant to humidity, dust, and salt fog.

On software, both watches have a major overlap between Mobvoi’s TicHealth/TicPulse/TicExercise suite and Google Fit’s suite.

Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 tichealth google fit goals

Google Fit offers some advantages including a Fit Breathe app that helps you do breathing exercises while the TicExercise has the Pool Swim feature which tracks your swims. Google Fit doesn’t.

Otherwise, Google Fit and the Mobvoi suite of apps will track your workouts, your heart rate and certain statistics such as step count and exercise time. It ultimately comes down to your preference. I like Google Fit more because it’s available on every Wear OS watch and offers more exercises to track.

Overall, the Ticwatch S2 is just a little better because of its silicone strap that can be used underwater and its durability rating.

Winner: Ticwatch S2

Ticwatch C2 vs Ticwatch S2 watch faces


The Ticwatch C2 is a nice city watch with a really elegant design and I really like that it has an NFC function for contactless payment. 

However, I find the Ticwatch S2 to be superior because of its larger screen, durability and silicone strap. I think the S2 is more suited to my lifestyle and preference for watch size.

You can’t go wrong with either watch. They offer great value and fantastic software. It all comes down to what you value in a watch, especially when it comes to looks, size and comfort because, after all, the hardware and software are essentially the same.

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