12 Types of Collared Shirts for Men

Different types of Formal Shirts

Men’s daily outfit is incomplete without a shirt. No matter what you are wearing or where you are going, you usually require an immaculate shirt to spice up the outfit. There are different types of shirts available in the market that you can choose from based on your preference and the type of event that you plan to attend while wearing it.

Are you confused about the different types of shirts? Have you always considered them to be the same? Or do you find it difficult to differentiate between the various styles?

If yes, then welcome to the club. Many people believe that a shirt is just a shirt,be it a full-sleeved or a half-sleeved one.To help you differentiate between the various types, we have compiled a list of multiple shirts that you can rock at events, offices, interviews or wherever you go.

Casual Slim Fit Shirts
Casual Blue Checked Shirt

Casual slim fit shirts are the type of shirts that you can wear at any casual event to show off the results of the hours spent in the gym. They are available in different colors, and you can put them on with a pair of chino pants or jeans. Their body-hugging effect shows off the toned and fit body. You can buy them from a number of different brands at an affordable price for a smart look.

Formal Plain Full Sleeve ShirtsFormal Full Sleeve Shirt

Do you work and don’t like suits? Are they too out-there for your taste or style? If yes, then you can simply switch them with formal pants, belt and a plain full sleeve shirt. You can buy these formal plain shirts in numerous shades from a number of different brands. Compared to a suited getup, this dressing style is less pricey and a lot more comfortable.

Striped Half Sleeve ShirtsHalf Sleeve Shirt

You would have seen the striped half sleeve shirt on middle-aged or elderly men. These shirts have been in style for a long period of time. If you are middle-aged, then these shirts can be quite handy when it comes to giving you style during the hot days of summer as they are short sleeved and roomy. You can play with the style by buying shirts that have different colored stripes. You can put them on with formal pants and a tie and you will be ready to attend any formal event, such as an office meeting or lunch with a client.

Full Sleeve Plaid shirtsFull Sleeve Checked Shirt

After linen shirts, plaid shirts are the softest and comfortable shirts. They are usually made from flannel, which is a soft woven fabric and can vary based on its fineness. Nowadays, they are also made from synthetic fiber material. They have a tartan pattern all over them, which consists of criss-cross vertical and horizontal bands. This pattern is usually composed of various colors, which add further spice to your outfit.

The full sleeve plaid shirts are suitable for wearing in cold weather. You can dress them up or down by pairing them with different types of jeans, cardigans and jackets. You can put it over a t-shirt with graphic design and distressed jeans for casual, street or back-to-school style. You can also wear them to formal events with a suit and loafers or brogues.

Plain White Linen ShirtsFull Sleeve Linen Shirt

Are you are a fan of soft and comfortable clothing? Do you prefer white over other colors? If yes, then the plain white linen shirt is an easy go-to style for you. You can pair a white linen shirt with pants or jeans and look both casual and classy. These shirts are light and roomy, which make them a perfect fit for the hot and raging summer. These shirts can be worn at any event. Since they are white, you can turn them into formal attire by pairing them with formal pants and a tie.

Oxford Button-Down ShirtsBlue Formal Shirt

The Oxford button-down shirt has been worn by sophisticated gentlemen for the last 120 years. As the name suggests, they are made from the oxford cloth, which is thicker than other shirting materials. These shirts have buttons from top to bottom and a hanger loop at the back of the yoke. You can buy them in different colors from different brands and pair them with pants or jeans. Since they are usually worn for formal events, they look more elegant with pants.

Striped Formal Full Sleeve ShirtsFormal Full Sleeve Shirt

Do you take pride in your muscular built? Do you like to show it off at events? If yes, then striped formal full sleeve shirts in slim fit style can fulfill your shirt requirements in a formal setting as they are best suited for men who are tall and have a muscular built. These shirts have stripes all over them, as the name suggests. You can wear them at all kinds of formal events such as meetings, formal lunches, interviews or as regular office attire.

Grandad Collar ShirtsWhite Formal Shirt

Do you get rashes due to the hard surface of the normal collared shirts? Does your neck get itchy because of the neck-hugging collars? If yes, then you can replace them with checked grandad collar shirts. You can wear these shirts in a number of different ways for both casual and formal purposes.

You can either wear them open or in a buttoned-down style for casual events. If you are bored of the typical shirt and tees combo, then put on dark washed or simple ripped jeans with a plain white t-shirt and layer it with an unbuttoned dark colored grandad collar shirt. If you prefer to have it buttoned up, then you can pair a lighter shade of shirt with darker skinny jeans or vice versa. If you like it all dark, then you can also pair a black grandad collar shirt with a black chino or skinny jeans.

If you have some meeting or other formal events to attend, then pair this classy shirt with slim fit trousers, black shoes and a smart blazer, and you will be ready to go in stylish formal attire. It will also look elegant with a waistcoat. If you don’t own one yet, then we suggest you get your hands on this versatile and comfy shirt as it will be an excellent addition to your closet for both casual and formal events.

Denim ShirtsFolded Denim Shirts

Nowadays, denim is not just limited to jeans; it has also taken over the shirts and jackets department as well. Almost everyone owns a clothing article made from denim. If you also plan to add a trendy piece of casual clothing item to your closet, then it is time for you to buy a denim shirt. You can wear it at both casual and semi-casual events. These shirts are usually made with a lighter denim material and are lighter as compared to the normal jeans. You can rock a casual street style with all denim by wearing these shirts with denim jeans.

Camouflage ShirtsArmy Green Casual Shirt

During recent times, camouflage shirts have entered the fashion arena with a bang and have conquered it in a flash. Every trendy and high-end clothing store and fashion show features a camouflage shirt. If you want a casual yet trendy look, then you should add one of these shirts to your wardrobe. You can pair it with chino pants or distressed jeans. You can also throw it over a simple t-shirt or you can tie it around your waist for a casual street look. If it is cold, then pair it with a bomber jacket and you will be ready to rock the camo print.

Cuban Collar and Short Sleeve ShirtFloral Shirt

Are you addicted to Narcos? Do you admire the various drug lords’ easy going yet bright and colorful shirts? If yes, then you can rock their cuban collar and short sleeve shirts this breezy summer as the fifties fashion is making a comeback. These shirts feature an open collar, a baggy fit and a buttoned up front. They are best suited for summer as they usually feature colorful summery patterns like birds, plants and flowers. Simply pair them with a pair of shorts and enjoy a lazy day soaking up the sun on the beach.

Chambray ShirtsBlue Casual Shirt

Do you also believe in the myth that a chambray shirt’s material is the same a denim shirt’s material? If yes, then you have been mistaken. Although both of them belong to the same family, the chambray shirts have a plain weave, whereas the denim shirts have a twill weave.

Chambray shirts are a suitable alternative to denim shirts if you do not like to wear too much denim. You can pair them with jeans, but stylists suggest that they should always be a shade apart to avoid a fashion disaster. Therefore, it is better to style them with chino pants. If you are planning to go to a resort, thenput such a shirt it over a white t-shirt and pair it with some bright colored shorts and you will be ready to go.

So, now that you are familiar with the different types of shirts and how they can be styled, ensure that you select the right ones according to the occasion and pair them with the right type of jeans or pants.

After all, no matter where you go, the first thing that will define your style statement is your shirt!