13 Types of Wallets for Women


Wallets are carried by men, women and children. They hold a variety of things, including currency, coins, credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, driver’s license and other essentials. Needless to say, a wallet is one of the most important things that you can get for yourself or for someone else. While a lot of women carry their handbags around to hold a wide array of things ranging from their currency, cosmetics, glasses and other essentials, most women still use wallets to keep some of the most important items organized in one place.

A lot of women do not even like to carry around huge handbags. They prefer to have just their wallets on. The size of a wallet can vary from a small one that can easily fit in their pocket to a large one, which they can essentially carry around like a smaller clutch or a purse.

When you are purchasing a wallet for yourself or for someone else, there are a few things you need to consider in order to make the best decision. Learning about all the different types of wallets can help you the right decision. You will be amazed to find that there are several different wallet styles. While the general use and purpose of a wallet is pretty much the same, they have their own special features and can be made from different materials so that they can match the many preferences of different women.

Different types of wallets for women can vary in their size, style, features and materials. Each of these is designed keeping your wallet needs in mind. Other than their functionality, they also say a lot about your style and preferences.

Different Types of Wallets for Women

With so many options to choose from, we have put together a list of the different types of wallets for women. Having this information will help you sort out exactly the type of wallet that you need to get.

1. Bi-fold Wallets

 Bifold Wallets For Women

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Bi-fold wallets are the most common type of wallets for women and men alike. They offer an attractive look while being very functional. Simple in style, bi-fold wallets have two folds. Traditional and simple, bi-fold wallets usually offer you one long slot, which you can use to store your currency.

Other than the slot for the currency, bi-fold wallets offer you multiple additional slots, which you can use to store you ID card, credit cards, receipts and other essential identification cards like your driver’s license. Bi-fold wallets do tend to be a little bit on the thick end of the spectrum if you have a lot of wallet-friendly items to store but they can easily fit inside your back pocket or purse. A bi-fold wallet is an easy and convenient way to organize your currency and other forms of payments into a small package.

2. ID Card Wallet

ID Card Wallet

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ID Card wallets make sure that you will never have to worry about where all your ID card or Driver’s license have gone. They offer multiple sections for where you can store different cards like your ID card, Driver’s license and credit cards. It also has a dedicated section for where your currency will be stored so you can never lose track of where your ID cards or other important cards are because of the currency notes. While these cards are mostly used by men, a lot of women find these pretty convenient because they are not as bulky as your standard bifold wallets.


3. Tri-fold WalletTrifold Womens Wallet

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Tri-fold wallets are a common choice for women all over the world. It is pretty much similar to the bi-fold wallet when it comes to the compartments that it has. There is a long slot for storing your currency and multiple slots for storing your cards. The thing with tri-fold wallets however, is that they offer you a lot more space for storage.

They have a lot more slots for you to your store cards and other essentials. The ones on the outer folds happen to be horizontal. The middle fold of the tri-fold wallets has a long vertical slot in the center. Another amazing thing about tri-fold wallets is the fact that they are actually slimmer than bi-fold wallets. This is because the area of storage is divided over more space and that makes them more convenient to carry in your pocket or purse.

4. Leg Wallet

Leg Wallet

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Yes. Legs wallets are a thing. The most amazing thing about leg wallets is the fact that nobody will even know that it’s there. You can wear this nifty wallet on your calf or your leg. This makes the leg wallet an idea place to store your ID card, money or even your passport (if you happen to be traveling). Don’t be alarmed. The wallet is designed in a way that despite the large capacity, it will securely fit on your leg without causing you any discomfort.

This makes it the best wallet to have while you’re traveling to areas that have higher street crime rates. Your valuable documents and cards will be with you but easily hidden from the sights of any would-be robbers or pickpockets.

5. Money Clip

Money Clip Wallet

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The typical case with wallets for women is that they are notorious for not being able to fit into pockets. Well, with slim wallets like card cases and money clip wallets, that does not necessarily have to be the case. If all you really need to carry is cash and a few cards with you while you are on the move, you can easily opt for a money clip wallet. Money clip is a petite and small device, which you can use to store your cash and credit cards.

The size and reliability of money clips make them a very popular choice. Since they are very pocket-friendly, women can use them to carry their money and cards in their pockets so they no longer have to carry around a heavy bag.

6. Slim Wallet

Slim Wallet

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Oh, and on the note of slim wallets, we have this. Thin wallets or slim wallets are basically just wallets that have a slimmer profile than the regular counterparts that they have. While you might think that because of the slimmer profile, they lack the same amount of space as your typical bi-fold wallet, you are mistaken. These wallets are known to be able to provide a lot of space despite being so slim. They also have a very minimalist aesthetic to them, which makes their overall look simple yet sophisticated.

They are expertly designed to give you the same amount of storage space as a typical bi-fold wallet but take up less space. This is thanks to the design and material used to make these. You can easily fit one of these inside your pocket and barely be able to feel that it is even there.

7. Clutch Wallet

Clutch Wallet

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A clutch wallet is essentially something you can consider the same as a purse which comes without a strap that you do not have to carry on your shoulder. Much smaller than your average bag, a clutch is something that you can use just as a wallet to carry your currency and cards. You can also use it to store some small personal items.

Clutch wallets can vary in size but they are not so large that they become inconvenient for you to carry around. Clutches are actually quite fit for everyday use but women tend to use them only when they are going to special events or on special occasions.

8. Wristlet


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A wristlet is a small pouch or a small wallet that also has a loop that goes around your wrist. It is small enough for you to carry it around easily in your hand or dangle on your wrist and it is large enough for you to carry around some essentials other than what your typical wallet holds. This is a type of women wallet that can be seen both as a wallet and as a small purse. A good thing about this type of wallet for women is that you can store it inside your pocket as well.

9. Wallet on a String

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A small leather bag and a wallet on a string are pretty much one and the same. The leather wallet is the size of a tiny bag that has a thin strap on both ends, which you can use to hang it on your shoulder. Offering you the benefits of your typical wallet, it also adds a little more space, thereby making it more of a small bag. It is a convenient wallet to have on you – lightweight, portable and spacious for your essentials. It also offers you the added benefit of going hands free if you want to.

10. Travel Wallets

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A travel wallet is a type of wallet for women that is perfect for them to keep all their different travel documents, currencies and other essentials safe in one place while they travel. Of course, you can always use your regular bi-fold wallet as a travel wallet but it does not do the job just as well as a travel wallet.

You see, travel wallets give you the kind of space you need to carry most of the things you need. This is especially helpful when you are traveling. No more looking around through your purse and wasting so much time to find your documents and then your cash and then something else. Having it all in one place will help you keep your money and all important documents safe. Travel wallets have dedicated compartments which fit your documents like passports, ATM cards, boarding passes and most importantly, your currency and credit cards.

11. Continental Wallet

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Large wallets or long wallets are also known as continental wallets. They offer the most amount of space when you consider the wallets which do not come under the hand bag category as well. They have a large amount of space in them as far as wallets are concerned. With dedicated compartments for your currency, multiple slots for all your cards and a secure overall closing mechanism, continental wallets are very versatile.

They have more than enough space for you to store your cheque books, unfolded currency bills and even your passports. In fact, you can even use your continental wallet as your travel wallet if you want to. All of your important documents can stay in just one place without you having to rummage around in your handbag looking for them.

12. Fabric Wallet

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A lot of the wallets made for women are manufactured using leather or faux leather. Fabric wallets bring in a different aesthetic to the regular looking wallet. Fabric wallets can be made using different blends of fabric which can include any combination of polyester and cotton or twill and cotton or even nylon and 10000 CORDURA. All of these fabric combinations can make the wallet so strong that it can be with you for a lifetime and then some.

Fabrics are also very inexpensive when you compare them to something as vile as a crocodile leather wallet. That and the fact that they are so fashionable while being environmentally less damaging makes fabric wallets one of the premier choices for women.

13. Zippered Wallet

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When it comes to wallets that help you keep your valuables safe and secure – even from your own clumsiness at times – the zippered wallet wins. These are wallets which can be similar to any of the types of wallets that we have already seen but there will be one key difference: They have zippers.

It might sound silly but these zippers actually make it very convenient for you to keep everything inside the wallet instead of spilling out into your bag for you to find. They boast a lot of space for you to keep your valuable documents and a separate section which you can use to store your currency notes. Some people call these things wallets with zips, some call them zippered wallets. You can call it whatever makes sense to you but know that this is a good wallet to keep your valuables organized in one place. The fact that they are fashionable to carry around just puts the cherry on top of the icing.